Monday, October 25, 2010

Anonymous Comments Enabled!

The site has gotten considerable traffic, over 2000 views since it started.  Nobody has, however, ventured to say anything about orgasm or hooking up.   The reason, I suspect, is because there was no anonymous comment option.  That option has now been enabled so you can leave completely anonymous remarks.

Roger Friedland, blog moderator

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today one of our female members requested that we start a thread around a single word: orgasm.

This is the first open space to discuss issues brought up in the course.  It is a place to ask questions and relate experiences, to even bring what we have been learning into some kind of relation to the concerns that animate your lives.

Please identify yourself only by gender and age.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reference Blog Instructions

When you have chosen your topic, you are required to post an article -- academic or popular -- on the blog for that topic.  You can also link to video clips or radio stories if you wish.  Include at least the title, the author, and the source.  Write up a brief summary of the article.  Include a link to the article.  If you want to make commentary, that's fine too.   No duplications allowed.  The reference blog for each topic will serve as a resource for all students writing their essay on that topic.

The Sexual Double Standard

Who is a Virgin and why?

Flirting: Opportunities and Constraints

Do Feminists Love Differently?

Religious Students and Sex Before Marriage