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The Sexual Double Standard


  1. "The New Sexual Double Standard" discusses a recent study claiming that there is a new sexual double standard - one that inhibits men from complete sexual freedom and empowers women. Written by: Kathryn Blaze Carlson from the National Post.


    -Jordan Corey-

  2. In Michelle Langley's, "The Sexual Double Standard," the idea that men are "allowed" to desire multiple sexual partners while women are supposed to desire one, is investigated and actually negated. Langley initially explains that female monogamy is a myth and that the "sexual double standard" has been used as an out or excuse for a female to cheat. This article explains how this double standard needs to be done away with for females to ever achieve true equality.


    Clark Harney


    Author: Izugbara, C. Otutubikey


    Summary: The article talks about sexual chants being done in Nigeria by young boys. In their study, they attempt to connect the words of these chants to a higher, socially constructed ideal that has been passed down to the youth. Among other themes, one is about celebrating the male penis and male superiority while the women only serve as an inferior sexual pleasure.

    By: Cristina Garcia

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  5. Article: The Sexual Double Standard and Adolescent Peer Acceptance

    Author: Derek Kreager and Jeremy Staff


    This article/study is in response to the belief that women and men are held to different standards of sexual conduct pervasive in contemporary American society. According to the sexual double standard, boys and
    men are rewarded and praised for heterosexual sexual contacts, whereas girls and women are derogated and stigmatized for similar behaviors. This study proves of the existence of a sexual double standard and that sexual norms vary by gender and socioeconomic origins.

    -Jenna Pinedo

  6. Title: Double Standard When it comes to Underage Sex?

    Author: John Stossel and Patrick McMenamin

    Link: http://abcnews.go.com/2020/Stossel/story?id=4437402&page=1

    Summary: This article mentions how both girls and boys get treated different when it comes to sex especially underage sex. It talks about cases where older women had intercourse with younger men and were sentenced to prison, but in television when underage men have sex with older women they are glorified. In reality boys are always given more freedom because parents believe girls need to be taken more care of as men can do anything as long as they do it with caution as if nothing will affect them. This article says that boys too can have emotional problems later on just like girls. Social opinion might praise it, but the law does not approve of underage sex with an older person no matter what the sex is.

  7. Title: Sex and Punishment: An Examination of Sexual Consequences and the Sexual Double Standard in Teen Programming.

    Author: Aubrey, Jennifer Stevens.

    Summary: This study examined teen dramas (characters ages 12-20) and was performed to investigate the sexual double standard for males and females, as well as the types of social and emotional consequences for sexual intercourse. With this, results proved that females faced far more negative consequences than males when initiating sexual activities.

    Original Link:http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?vid=3&hid=11&sid=c94b3729-7640-4253-8ea6-44352fc667c0%40sessionmgr4&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=qrh&AN=13137837#db=qrh&AN=13137837

    FULL TEXT: http://springerlink.metapress.com/content/n22014523524133j/fulltext.pdf

  8. Title: "Getting Down About Hooking Up"
    Author: Shirra Tarant
    Date: March 24, 2010


    This blog post comments on the issue of double standards in recent culture's hooking up scene. From "free love" of the 1960's, to casual sex in the 80's, "friends with benefits" and one night stands are common today. Scholarly literature and pop culture blogs investigate consensual sex and new sexual boundaries that now occur among young adults ages 18-24. This hooking up culture has an emphasis on male pleasure, raising the question - is hooking up "fun and free" sex or the objectification of women?

    - Megan Spire, Soc 150

  9. Title: “Muslims Talking Sex” Series: Sexual Double Standard – When Women are “Skanks” and Men are “Studs”
    Author: Hesham A. Hassaballa, edited by Wajahat Ali

    Link: http://goatmilkblog.com/2009/05/19/muslims-talking-sex-series-sexual-double-standard-when-women-are-skanks-and-men-are-studs/

    Summary: The sexual double standard through the perspective of a Muslim writer. Examines the inequality of women and men in sexual conduct, paying particular attention to Muslims, but also tying in links to the United States.

    -Megan Scott

  10. Title: Sexual Double Standards: A Review and Methodological Critique of Two Decades of Research

    Author: Mary Crawford, Danielle Popp

    Link: http://pdfserve.informaworld.com/280810__918471759.pdf

    Summary: A review of 30 studies published since 1980 that show support of the sexual double standard. It looks at how women are called "sluts" for initiating sexual activity, even if they don't feel bad afterwards and how men feel that they "are entitled to have casual sex with 'sluts' until they were ready to settle down with a 'good woman'". In the wake of the HIV/AIDS endemic, women are negatively viewed for providing a condom before sex than if they had unprotected sex. Women are even perceived as to be "asking for it" if they are raped on a date where they initiated the date, whereas a woman who didn't initiate a date and then got raped would be seen as more of a victim. The researchers use this evidence as support that there is definitely a double standard present, but how this stigmatization actually affects women behaviorally and psychologically still needs to be researched.

    -Brynne Dailey

  11. Title: For Female-Aphrodisiac Makers, Effort at Parity

    Author: Abby Ellin

    Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/14/business/media/14adco.html

    Summary: Ellin discusses the social discomfort that is associated when women openly express their sexual frustrations. Ads for a new female sexual enhancer are given limited air times because it is considered inappropriate for television. Although ads for male enhancers (like viagra) are nearly everywhere, companies say that advertising female sexual health goes against practice guidelines, or is too mature for public viewing.

    -Jacqueline Gheorghe

  12. Title:Zestra | Media Censors Again Double Standard Female Sexuality

    Author: Anne Enke


    Summary: In this article the author elaborates on how unjust it is and ridiculous that on a daily basis society, including young children are exposed to commercials about male arousal and how it is socially accepted. However, when it comes to female pleasure it is removed from even websites such as Facebook labeling it as adult content. Also that the reason for this is for fear of promoting female pleasure as a positive thing,therefore suggesting that it is negative and apparently male arousal is the only positive.

    -Araceli Ortega

  13. If a key opens many different kinds of locks, then it's a master key. But if a lock is opened by lots of keys, then it's a crappy lock.

  14. Title: "Does the Sexual Double Standard Still

    Exist? Perceptions of University Women".

    Author: Robin R. Milhausen

    Bibliography: Journal of Sex Research. FindArticles.com. 26 Oct, 2010. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m2372/is_4_36/ai_58459537/. COPYRIGHT 1999 Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Inc.
    COPYRIGHT 2004 Gale Group

    Summary: This article contemplates whether the sexual double standard era from the 1960s is still alive in today's culture. The researchers have surveyed several hundred men and women by presenting them with hypothetical situations and analyze their results. They found that men would rather date girls who are more willing to have sex and have a relationship with girls who offer more to the relationship than simply sex alone. Yet, girl respondents were found to have opposite results. They preferred a man with sexual experience who focused more on the intimacy of the sexual experience and were interested in dating men with qualities that made them unpredictable and full of more excitement outside of the sexual encounters.

    -Chris Elder

  15. Ana Perez

    Title: Voicing Chicana Feminisms: Young Women Speak Out on Sexuality and Identity

    Author:Resources for Feminist Research, Fall-Winter, 2004 by Berta Vigil Laden

    Link: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_hb6545/is_1-2_31/ai_n29150754/

    Summary :
    The book covers material on howChicana women experienced their gender, ethnic and racial differences in the public spheres outside their own communities. Their narratives graphically illustrate the disjunctures they encountered between their own upbringing and the realms of higher education, religion, the workplace, and romantic relationships and the transformation of gender identity, sexuality, and racial and ethnic identity that emerged from them. The double standard is clearly seen between Chicana and Chicano sexual experiences. Males are pushed toward having an active sex life with many women while women are cast as whores if not virgins and pure.

  16. Title: Double Standard: Stereotypes that Just Won't Go Away
    Link: http://www.jou.ufl.edu/sji/1999/opinion_03.htm
    Author: Arielle Angel

    Summary: This article covers the impact that media has on fueling the sexual double standard. Men are praised for their sexual activity, and women are expected to be chaste. Television and other forms of media demand purity from women, but at the same time asks for sexiness. The effect of such a double standard can affect women negatively in terms of self-image and self-esteem in the long run.

  17. The Insane Double Standard Of Angelina Vs. Ronnie Creeping On “Jersey Shore”

    Author: Jessica Wakeman


    Summary: Blogger Wakeman calls attention to the negative attitudes Angelina (a member of the Jersey Shore cast) is subject to after sleeping with another cast member the same night she has come back from her second date with a pursuer, Jose, in contrast to the positive attention and encouragement Ronny ( a male cast member) receives on multiple occasions after cheating on his girlfriend. Her analysis makes salient the "textbook example" of the sexual double standard in hooking-up - that females who pursue more than one male are labeled as "sluts" and obtain reputations as having no morals, but men who are unfaithful are labeled as "pimps" and are placed on a higher platform because of it. These labels are given to Angelina and Ronny by not only the male cast members as one would expect, but the equally nasty female cast members, implying that the double standard is pervasive and a well known social norm.

    -Mia Greenstein

  18. url---http://www.articlesaboutmen.com/2010/10/female-sex-offenders-reveal-cultural-double-standard-911/

    title- Female Sex Offenders Reveal Cultural Double Standard
    author-Rebecca Morris

    This article jumped out at me because so many double standards exist that negatively affect women's lives, however this one shows how women who have sexually offended young males might get away with more since they are female. I thought it was interesting because the cases in which the victim was a male, the act was viewed as a rite of passage and the same is definitely not true for females.
    David Hassine

  19. Webpage: http://www.the-spearhead.com/2010/09/02/there-is-no-sexual-double-standard/

    Title: There is no sexual double standard

    This author takes the position that the double standard is merely a miscommunication in understandings of what each partner should bring to the relationship. They make the point that men's main marital asset was to provide for his family, and that men with no, or little, capability to provide for his family were seen as less desirable. Women's main asset in the marriage was to guarantee that the child born in wedlock was that of the husbands. By breaking this bond, the women broke her "contract" and the standard to which she was held. The article discusses some very interesting points in this light.

    Tyler Clark

  20. link: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,538795,00.html

    Title: Sexual Double Standards
    Author: Yvonne Fulbright

    This author shares her results of researching what people think about sexual double standards. She covers everything about how society views women and men and their roles in sex, relationships and even difficult situations such as rape and unplanned pregnancy. The results show that there is very much a prevalent sexual double standard in what is expected of women versus men.

  21. Title: Top 10 Dating Double Standards
    Author: Nick Fielding

    Link: http://www.askmen.com/top_10/dating_60/70b_dating_list.html

    This article focuses on ten of the most blatant double standards between men and women in the dating sphere. Each item compares how men and women are looked at in each particular aspect in dating, ie. "Men are whipped, women are clingy."

  22. link:http://www.nationalpost.com/news/story.html?id=1375083

    Title: The New Sexual Double Standard
    Author:Kathryn Blaze Carlson

    This article focuses on a Canadian study that places a sexual restriction on men while, relieving some of the restrictions that have been placed on women. Men are more confined to this sexual double than women in sense that men are forced abide by a gender role, whereas women today are more free to be themselves.

  23. Title:What Does She Expect When She Dresses Like That? Teacher Interpretation of Emerging Adolescent Female Sexuality

    Author: Rahimi, Regina & Liston, Delores D.


    This article is about how teachers view female students and the way they act and dress. It deals with how this plays into the double standard. Several findings emerged, including that girls continue to be placed in contradictory positions concerning sexuality, that adverse sexual labels continue to serve as a means of sexual harassment that many teachers do not recognize, and that perceptions of sexuality and acceptable behavior remain deeply embedded in race and class issues.

  24. http://www.lilith-ezine.com/articles/sex/Double-Standard-Sexuality.html

    Double Standard Sexuality

    Problems with Relationships

    By Suzanne MacNevin

    Intimacy Problems:

    Example #1: When a girl says she "needs" the guy she is dating, and tells him "I love you! I need you!", and then the guy dumps the girl later, we all assume the guy simply has "longterm relationships issues" or he has "problems with intimacy".

    Example #2: But if a guy does the same thing, in reverse, telling the girl "I love you! I need you!" we girls start thinking "Omigod! He's the psycho-stalker type!" It never even occurs to us that this is his way of trying to express his affection.

    Which is exactly what the first girl was doing above. So why is it the male's fault in both cases? The guy in the first example may be thinking the exact same thing the girl did in example two: "Omigod! She/he's a needy psycho!"

    I've talked to enough guys about this issue to know that they feel the same way about these issues as we women do, but in reverse. From the male perspective, the girl in example #1 really is a needy psycho. And in example #2, the guy is just trying to express his love/affection.

    So its a double standard for both sexes. We both get screwed in this issue.

  25. Title: To Hook Up Or Date: Which Gender Benefits?
    Author: Carolyn Bradshaw


    This article points out the difference in gender between men and women and dealing with sex. The authors point out how men find it easier than women to engage in sexual behaviors. Also, how the double standard can make women feel guilty about hooking up.

  26. Title:DOUBLE STANDARD/DOUBLE BIND-The Sexual Double Standard and Women's Communication about Sex

    Author:Charlene L. Muehlenhard,Marcia L. McCoy


    Abstract: We tested the hypothesis that the sexual double standard, which gives more sexual freedom to men than women, might in some situations make women reluctant to acknowledge their desire for sexual intercourse. We asked 403 college women whether they had been in situations in which (a) they were with a man who wanted to have sexual intercourse, and they wanted to have sexual intercourse with him, but they indicated that they did not want to do so (scripted refusal); and (b) they were in the same situation, but they openly acknowledged their willingness to have sexual intercourse (open acknowledgment). If they had been in either or both of these situations, they were asked to complete a scale measuring acceptance of the sexual double standard, first the way they believed their partner would have completed it, and next the way they would have completed it. As expected, women in scripted refusal situations believed that their partners accepted the double standard more than did women in open acknowledgment situations. Consistent with theories emphasizing proximal determinants of gender-related behavior, scripted refusal provides sexually active women with a socially acceptable way of dealing with the sexual double standard.

    -Siqi Tu

  27. Disrupting the sexual double standard:
    Young women’s talk about heterosexuality

    By: Susan Jackson and Fiona Cram


    "Despite signiŽ cant changes in the social landscape over the past two decades, much
    ethnographic research suggests that young women’s negotiations of (hetero)sexuality
    remain dominated by the sexual double standard. Within the sexual double standard,
    an active, desiring sexuality is positively regarded in men, but denigrated and regulated
    by negative labelling in women. This article analyses young women’s talk on the
    subject of negotiating (hetero)sexual relationships, drawn from focus-group interviews
    with six groups of young women aged 16–18 years. A feminist, post-structuralist form
    of discourse analysis is used to analyse the material, the aim being to examine young
    women’s talk about (hetero)sexuality from the standpoints of agency and resistance.
    Analyses identiŽed various ways in which the sexual double standard was disrupted,
    including challenging the language of the sexual double standard, articulating sexual
    desire, and positioning of self and (hetero)sex within alternative discourses. The
    Ž ndings also suggest, however, that voices of resistance to the sexual double standard
    may be muted and individual rather than collective, and that, accordingly, every effort
    should be made by those working with young women to recognize and support
    attempts to disrupt the sexual double standard" (Jackson and Cram).

  28. "Sexual double standards: a review and methodological critique of two decades of research"
    Written by,
    Journal of Sex Research, Feb, 2003 by Mary Crawford, Danielle Popp

    This article analyzes different aspects of the sexual double standard by using experimental data and real life stories. The article crosses paths with language and attitudes that are encountered with sexual double standard as well as marriage and other relationships and how the double standard weaves into the lives of these men and women.


  29. "This Film is Not Yet Rated" (2006)
    Directed by Kirby Dick

    An expose documentary on the way that films are rated by the Motion Picture Association.
    Part of the film focuses on the double standard used in rating films depending on whether the pleasure shown in the sexual scenes are male or female. Society reflects the edited media which we watch, and therefore there is a larger stigma, and less importance is attributed to female pleasure.

  30. Dr. Marty Klien discusses the type of internalized oppression women face because of the sexual double standard. Women have to be careful with their behavior in order to conform to the way females are supposed to act. For example, she should not dress too "sexy", not have sex if their she is not in love, and not engage in casual sex. If a woman engages in such behavior then she is considered a "slut". Women are caught in between this double standard.


  31. Title: "A Content Analysis of the Sexual Double Standard in Recent Films"

    Author: Kristen Hefley

    Link: http://www.allacademic.com//meta/p_mla_apa_research_citation/1/1/0/9/2/p110920_index.html?type=info&PHPSESSID=f78acc09c1e9902747cdeabd8be2da72

    Abstract: While the sexual double standard neatly classifies women as either “pure and chaste” or “defiled and ruined,” the modern “rules” for what will remove them from the good girl category and into the bad girl category are not so cleanly dichotomized; in fact, women today are allowed to engage in sexual behavior, but only under a set of complicated circumstances. A content analysis of twenty films released between 1990 and 2003 revealed that female characters were more likely than male characters to apply the label “slut” and its synonyms to other female characters. Female characters also applied the labels for a wider variety of behaviors, including wearing certain clothing or make-up styles and simply showing interest in a male character. The male characters who labeled female characters were usually violent and had sexual relationships with the female characters they labeled. In addition, many of these male characters died at the end of the films, possibly indicating their behavior was not socially acceptable. The female characters who were labeled often exhibited non-sexual attitudes and/or behaviors that were not generally attributed to the female gender role. Future research should focus on the different motivations of men and women for maintaining the sexual double standard.

  32. The Sexual Double Standard


    This article on "The Sexual Double Standard" focus on one females interpretation what exactly the double standard consist of from her perspective. The article expresses the negative connotations women face with regards to sexual intercourse that is conducted outside of a romantic relationship. She also goes into detail about personal experiences with the double standard in hopes of conveying to men that having sex on first date is not a bad thing and that your partner shouldn't be looked down upon because of mutually shared desire for one another sexually, but instead seen as a compliment. She also opens up a forum/blog that delves deeper into the current status of the sexual double standerd in the hopes of eliciting responses from other individuals and lifting the taboo the double standard portrays.

    -james skilling

  33. "The Spread Eagle, Vol. 2, No. 10: Breaking Down the Double Standard", by Liam Greenamyre

    This article discusses the sexual double standard, using the television show "Jersey Shore" as an example. The author points out that men who have many sexual partners are viewed as "pimps", while women who do the same as viewed as "sluts" - "Jersey Shore" has two characters, Mike and Angelina, who are prime examples of this. Mike sleeps with many different women, all of which are strangers, in short periods of time. Angelina sleeps with several men, both of which she has known for a long period of time, and her housemates call her a "whore". In actuality, Angelina lied about sleeping with one of the men, but just told her housemates that she did so they would "stop bustin' [her] chops". The author, however, believes that if you examine this double standard more closely, it is actually Mike who is acting like a slut, and Angelina who is acting like a pimp.

  34. Initiation and Response: The Dynamics of Sexual Interaction

    By: Elizabeth Grauerholz and Richard T. Serpe


    This study is about the initiation of sexual intercourse between men and women and the role that each plays. Either the women or the man can play a proactive or a reactive role. It discusses whether or not the sexual double standard can still exist in a society where either the male or the female can take the proactive role in sexual intercourse. Especially where it is becoming more and more acceptable for women to be sexually active.

  35. Title: "Disrupting the sexual double standard: Young women's talk about heterosexuality"

    Author: Susan M. Jackson and Fiona Cram

    The article uses a feminist post-structuralist approach in examining young women's (aged 16-18) talk about heterosexuality from standpoints of agency and resistance. Authors found that the language many of these women use is challenging the sexual double standard. Authors urge those working with young women to recognize and support this challenge.

  36. Title: Sexual Double Standards
    Author:Yvonne Fulbright

    Yvonne Fulbright breaks down the sexual double standard into different standards that men and woman are supposed to follow and how men and woman are supposed to be viewed. She also mentions briefly some of the consequences that could follow if these standards are not met.


  37. http://web.ebscohost.com.proxy.library.ucsb.edu:2048/ehost/detail?vid=3&hid=108&sid=0dc4e407-41fa-4d94-a6d9-161fe8359e55%40sessionmgr112

    The Sexual Double Standard and Adolescent Peer Acceptance. Kreager, Derek A. & Staff, Jeremy.
    Social Psychology Quarterly; Jun2009, Vol. 72 Issue 2, p143-164, 22p, 4 Charts, 2 Graphs

    This article goes into detail about the separate and similar situations and standards that men and women face and how peer factor into the social structure of this double sexual standard.

  38. Title: Does the Sexual Double Standard Still Exist? Perceptions of University Women

    Author:Journal of Sex Research, Nov, 1999 by Robin R. Milhausen, Edward S. Herold

    In the article it speaks about the double sexual standard and how it still exist. It shows that women are more likly to wait to have sexual intercourse when they are in a loving committed relationship versus men who are known to have more sex due to them being seen as procreaters and inseminators. Also the article talks about the study conducted on these women by asking them specific questions about the double-standard of sex.


  39. In the article the author goes against the notion of a single "double-standard" and focuses on the idea that males and females bring certain assets to the table, the male of which being able to provide for a family despite sexual history, while for females the ability to guarantee the offspring were his and thus women of openly promiscuously pasts are seen as less desirable for marriage.


    Stephen Nunez

  40. Title:Does the Sexual Double Standard Still Exist? Perception of University Women
    Author: Robin R. Milhausen

    In the article the author has two hypothesis: That women would endorse a sexual double standard in which women were judged more harshly than men, and that the more sexual partners women have, the more accepting they will be of men with more sexual partners, were tested using 165 women attending a University. The author found that her first hypothesis was proved false when the women actually judged men with more sexual partners harsher than they did women. Her second hypothesis, however, held true in that the more sexual partners a women had, the less they would judge a man with many sexual partners.


    Danielle Silverman

  41. Stephanie HernandezNovember 14, 2010 at 1:49 PM

    He's a Stud, She's a Slut: The Sexual Double Standard
    By Jessica Valenti
    This bascially talks about how women are looked down for being promiscuous, and boys are praised for doing the same exact thing. She talks about how it's all about power and how there are balls where fathers are basically the 'keepers' of their daughters vrginity until she is married then it's her husbands. So how men have control and are constantly trying to control a women's body.
    She also talks about how her partners housemates were talking about a girl they both slept with and were calling her names and when she confronted them both for doing the same thing (being sexually active) they had nothing to say. They continued to laugh even though they couldn't explain any difference, so while people may not be able to explain why it's different for a girl to have sex than it is for a guy girls are still looked down upon.

  42. title: Youth, Risk, and the Sexual Double Standard Discourse: Attitudinal and Behavioral Outcomes
    Authors:Dana S. Levin, and L. Monique Ward

    In the article Levin and Ward discus how boys and girls receive different messages and are socialized differently. These messages reflect upon the sexual double standard in which men are allowed to show sexual desire and initiate sex, but women should not, which can increase the power between men and women. A study was given to see what the context of the messages were given, by whom, and beyond virginity loss.

  43. Tittle: To-Do List
    Author: Erykah Badu
    url: http://diasporadical.wordpress.com/2010/03/30/to-do-list-erykah-badu/

    Summary: Erykah speaks about the double standard that exist between men and women. She comments that men usually expect that their female partners will of had fewer sexual incounters than themselves. She also speaks about how women tend to be defined by their sexual acts than by their ackomplishments such as a successful career.

    -Rose Vazquez

  44. Author: Erykah Badu
    Title: To-Do List
    URL: http://diasporadical.wordpress.com/2010/03/30/to-do-list-erykah-badu/

    Summary: I chose to post this blog because Erykah makes some very good points about the sexual double standard that exist between men and women. She mentions that men tend to expect for their female sexual partner to of had fewer sexual partners than themselves. Also, women tend to be judged by their sexual acts/ history rather than on their educational, social, or career successes. I will use this blog in my paper to demonstrate how the double standard is still interfering in the sexual lives of women.

    --Rose Vazquez

  45. An article that refers to the double standard, and relates to Aphrodite and ancient Greece.


  46. Title: "Challenging the Sexual Double Standard: Constructing Sexual Equality Narratives as a Strategy of Resistance"

    By: Kate Milnes

    In this article, the author interviews women about their sex lives and how they feel about the double standard. She discusses how these women challenge the sexual double standard, including having casual relationships. Yet these efforts to gain sexual equality in these relationships did not often lead to being mutually beneficial. These women often felt stigmatized by friends for these casual encounters as well.

    Link: http://web.ebscohost.com.proxy.library.ucsb.edu:2048/ehost/detail?vid=2&hid=108&sid=c0263190-b671-4aac-bd55-81e9fef01a90%40sessionmgr113&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=a9h&AN=50913434

    -Brittany Stone

  47. Sexual Double Standards, As Explained By Jersey Shore Cast


    Summary:Article talks about Angelina and The Situation.Angelina being labeled a slut by the other cast members, when she actually really didnt have sex with some guy, but she lied to them just to get them off her back. In the other hand, Situation is a ladies man, even writes down how many girls they have sex with on the "smush board". this explains the double standard because he's labeled as being cool and a stud, while angelina is the slut.

    -Eduardo Mendoza

  48. http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?vid=2&hid=10&sid=a1b5fdb5-e716-401b-bbae-0d5fd6fea250%40sessionmgr13&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=f5h&AN=9674990

    This article discussed the presence of the sexual standard from the 1980s to 1980s, according to different studies done between these decades. The analysis comes from interviews and other forms of research done.

    Jesus Lopez

  49. Kita's article, Adultery Is Not For Me!, is a perfect illustration of the existing double standard of sexual relations between males and females. Kita (the author), male, fears not being accepted by male associates if confessing to being faithful to his wife. Although Kita feels completely comfortable with his decision to not commit adultery, the external pressures from society challenging his "manhood" due to be monogamous creates a sense of insecurity in his decision.

  50. This links directs you to Volume 34, No. 3 in the journal "Social Forces". This journal is full of social research of many different realms. This Volume focuses on the Double Standard of Premarital Sexual Relations. It thoroughly discusses the hypothesized characteristics of the double standard.

  51. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,538795,00.html
    In this article by Yvonne Fulbright in FOX news, the "sexspert" she goes through every double standard and provides a little bit of info on each such as: "He's always interested in sex. She's not", She’s a psycho. He's a Romeo, and She was asking for it. He can’t get raped". It is very interesting to learn about the different studies that have been done on all these topics.

  52. By: Kortnie RichardsonNovember 15, 2010 at 4:20 PM

    Title: " The impact of social interaction on the sexual double standard Author: Michael J. Marks and Chris R. Fraley

    The article titled, "The impact of social interaction on the sexual double standard" by Michael J. Marks and Chris R. Fraley argues that previous research hasn't been able identify the double standard because it has focused on the individual rather than the interpersonal dynamics that take place in social settings. The hypothesis is that group dynamics cause rise to the sexual double standard. Participants, both individually and in small groups, evaluated a male or female target that had 1,7, or 19 sex partners. A Double standard didn't exist when individuals evaluated targets, only when a group of participants evaluated targets did it emerge in some instances. As stated in the article, "Although sexual double standard received a lot of attention from contemporary critics of Western culture, there is weak evidence for the existence of this allegedly pervasive phenomenon. Argue that previous attempts to document and explain the sexual double standard have been missing a potentially important ingredient- genuine social interaction. As stated in the article,"In a survey published in 2002, revealed that 85% of people, regardless of their own personal values, believe that a double standard exists in Western culture."( Marks, 2002). "The double standard seems pervasive but empirical research seldom shows that people evaluate sexually active men and women differently. Although studies provide little support for the double standard, there are some studies that have reported evidence for it."

    Link: http://pdfserve.informaworld.com/44949_918976296_772870731.pdf

  53. Summary: "The sexual double standard has been the focus of considerable research since the 1960s. Ira Reiss (1960), the pioneer researcher, defined the orthodox double standard as prohibiting premarital sexual intercourse for women but allowing it for men. This standard evolved into the conditional double standard in which women were permitted to engage in sexual relations only within a committed love relationship, whereas men were permitted to have as many sexual partners as they wanted without condition."
    This article goes into the double standards that still exist and talks about the different expectations of males and females.


  54. Title: FOXSexpert: Sexual Double Standard
    Author: Yvonne Fulbright


    This article addresses the different aspects of the sexual double standard, a lot of the results referring to the data collected from a Canadian survey of undergraduate studies. It revolves around the categories of "Lesbian Sex is hot, Sex between men is not," "She's a dirty girl', he's experienced," "She's willing to settle. He will always get the hottie." These all reinforce that the standard does still exist and that both genders are judged because of it and their actions to fulfill they're sexual desire.

    Rachel Dow

  55. Title of article: Pimps and Hoes: The Imaginary Double Standard.

    This is an article from UWeekly.com, the unofficial newspaper of the Ohio State University, that is in no way academic, but makes an interesting point. The author makes a couple of good points, but also makes a fool of himself. He makes a point that "a double standard implies that two equal parties are being treated differently, but men and women are hardly 'equal parties' in the world of boning."

    link: http://uweekly.com/newsmag/10-31-2007/6895

  56. Tittle: Slut or Not? Judging Sexuality By Joshua Ramirez Wharwood
    URL: http://www.outlish.com/slut-or-not-judging-sexuality/

    This article is pretty much a personal take on sexuality and how women and men are perceived by the public when they are both dressing or acting similar. Joshua Ramirez W talks about the definition of slut by the dictionary, why it's offensive, or not to some and why it's it should or should not be a "big" deal. He goes on to question who has the right to call women sluts, and why women call themselves sluts.

    Tittle: The Taming of the Slur by Stephanie Rosenbloom

    Rosenbloom like Joshua from the previous article also talks about the word Slut and the meaning of it. She goes on to talk more about the history, the correct definition and with more dept she then talks about the media and pop culture. Rosenbloom then continues to talk about the normal-ness of the word, and the behavior attached to it and how this has influenced teen sexuality today.

  57. Tittle: Slut or Not? Judging Sexuality By Joshua Ramirez Wharwood
    URL: http://www.outlish.com/slut-or-not-judging-sexuality/

    This article is pretty much a personal take on sexuality and how women and men are perceived by the public when they are both dressing or acting similar. Joshua Ramirez W talks about the definition of slut by the dictionary, why it's offensive, or not to some and why it's it should or should not be a "big" deal. He goes on to question who has the right to call women sluts, and why women call themselves sluts.

    Tittle: The Taming of the Slur by Stephanie Rosenbloom

    Rosenbloom like Joshua from the previous article also talks about the word Slut and the meaning of it. She goes on to talk more about the history, the correct definition and with more dept she then talks about the media and pop culture. Rosenbloom then continues to talk about the normal-ness of the word, and the behavior attached to it and how this has influenced teen sexuality today.

  58. Title: A Prisoner of Sexual Double Standards
    Author: Minette Marrin

    The article talks about a 32 year old sexual offender named Hannah Grice who had six months affair with a 14 year old boy. Although the boy was willing, she was charged with indecent assault and sentenced for 15 months in jail. However, Marrin noticed that there's a double standard at work in this case. Marrin contrats Grice's case with Phillip Carman, a doctor who indecently assaulted female patients during the surgery. Unlike Grice, Carman was sentenced for a year, which is three months shorter than Grice's sentence. How is this possible when Carman's assault is much more horrendous than Grice's? Because women are criticized a lot harsher than men when they engage in sexual activities outside a committed relationship due to broken traditional gender script.

  59. Title: Trading on Heterosexuality: College Women's Gender Strategies and Homophobia

    Author: Laura Hamilton

    Claims that homophobia develops of our society's construction of masculinity and what it means to be a "real man." Women therefore, are expected to embody what is the polar opposite of these characteristics, such as being weak and powerless, which then come to be synonymous with what it means to be feminine. This hegemonic form of masculinity perpetuates male dominance over women, and shapes the identities of women so that they become gendered in order to gain male approval.

  60. Title: About That Party...
    Author: Katie Gibbens


    This article talks about the terms "ho" and "pimp" and how they both are degrading terms but how "pimp" is taken as a compliment by men. It speaks of how being considered a "pimp", as a guy, represents being popular and successful with women. This article comes from a women's perspective who sees the "greek" life and parties as demeaning for women. It also focuses on how women attempt to redefine terms such as "ho" as positive. It brings about a clear view of how these parties that promote women as "ho's" cannot be interpreted in a positive light; reflecting the way in which women have to negotiate their sexuality in these situations to avoid being thought of as a "ho" while dressing like a "ho".

  61. Title: The New Sexual Double Standard
    Author: Kathryn Blaze Carlson

    This article discusses a Canadian study which proposes that the new sexual double standard puts more limitations on men than it does on women. It found that society accords men less “sexual latitude” than women, deeming it abnormal for a man to be disinterested in sex, to engage in homosexual fantasy, and to engage in submissive sexual acts. Traditional roles are being questioned and new restrictions are being place on men.

    Alexandra McAlevey

  62. The following article provides an insight for the desires of men and women thus contributing to the topic of double sexual standard which is related to for ex. casual or premarital sex. The author furthermore finds support for the argument that even SDS is well planted in all kinds of heterosexual behavior.

    by Aram Grigoryan

  63. Title: Gender, Belief in the Sexual Double Standard, and Sexual Talk in Heterosexual Dating Relationships

    Authors: Kathryn Greene and Sandra L. Faulkner

    This article is based on research that investigates the dynamics between the sexual double standard and how couples are learning to communicate with their partners as a result. Likewise, the study investigates how sexual assertiveness impacts the existence of gender scripts as well as the sexual double standard. Moreover, it contains really interesting results. Check it out!

    -Elizabeth Casillas

  64. Bridget Cannan, Third Year, 20November 16, 2010 at 6:22 AM

    Armstrong E., England L., and Hamilton P. (2010). Is hooking up bad for young women? Contexts 9(3). 22-27. DOI: 10.1525/ctx.2010.9.3.22

    Link: http://contexts.org/articles/summer-2010/is-hooking-up-bad-for-young-women/

    In order to relate the issue of the double standard to its importance in modern society, some studies have explored why the double standard may appear to be losing its stance in light of a more general acceptance of casual sex between young adults Armstrong, England and Hamilton discuss how hooking up can be somewhat empowering for young women as societal norms are changing and women are not as inclined to rely on the traditional male breadwinner. Their study acknowledges the issue of the correlation between casual sex and depression in women. They provide an explanation that places the blame for this depression on the fact that women are expected to be sexually reserved, and when they are not, society is so critical that it affects their emotions and stability.

  65. Carol Parsell
    Results support the notion that the sexual double standard still exists, especially when it comes to women expressing their sexual desires, or requesting the use of a condom in casual hookup. Information and data was gathered through structured interviews, which also deal with the treatment of female and male sexual pleasure.
    Young, M., Penhollow, T., & Bailey, W. (2010). HOOKING-UP AND CONDOM PROVISION:
    IS THERE A DOUBLE STANDARD?. American Journal of Health Studies, 25(3), 156-

  66. http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m2372/is_4_36/ai_58459537/

    this article calls attention to the double standard that exhists in our socitey today. On college campuses men are drawn to the "bad girl" type for casual hookups, however when looking for a partner to date they would perfer to be with a more sexually inexperienced partner. This sexual double standard is something women must face daily on college campuses. Do they satisfy their own sexual needs at the risk of being called a slut? Or be a "good girl" with the hope of being seen as a girlfriend type...

  67. Title: Double Standards in Dating Practices

    Summary: The double standard exists not only because of past prejudices, but also the vagueness of todays hookups. The confusion of the sexual acts men and women are partaking in today, who's having sex and how much sex people are having, leads people to view their own sexual lives differently. Teens believing that extreme sexual acts are typical, influences there choices as well as their peers, increasing judgments of sexual double standards.