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Who is a Virgin and why?


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  2. Title: "Adolescent Non-Coital Sexual Activity: Comparisons of Virgins and Non-Virgins"

    Authors: Jane Woody, Robin Russel, Henry D'Souza, and Jennifer Woody

    Summary: This is a study that examined non-coital sexual activity among youth who did and didn't experience adolescent sexual intercourse. Their results showed that non-coital sex was common among both virgins and non-virgins, and the rates were similar for males and females. Total abstainers came from a lower socioeconomic status, had fewer social/dating opportunities, lacked a viable relationship, and had lower grades.

    link: http://web.ebscohost.com.proxy.library.ucsb.edu:2048/ehost/detail?vid=1&hid=109&sid=958c3842-f9cf-4349-8fc4-026e031e6d09%40sessionmgr104&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=a9h&AN=4062361

  3. Title: Choosing Virginity
    A New Attitude: Fewer teenagers are having sex. As parents and politicians debate the merits of abstinence programs, here's what the kids have to say

    Authors: Lorraine Ali and Julie Scelfo

    link: http://lists101.his.com/pipermail/smartmarriages/2002-December/001367.html

  4. This is a clip from the most recent episode of Grey's anatomy. Minus the dramatic aspect of the show, this episode brings up virginity and a couple cases of females being in their 20s who are still virgins. The clip is a montage of all the times in the episode that highlight the females' lack of experience and how how others react to that information.

    It is interesting in that it highlights the differences in reactions that can occur. The patient in the episode is a virgin but her fiance is not, yet he is supportive and understanding. However, when it is revealed that April is a virgin her colleagues spend the whole episode making fun of her for it until 8:15 in the clip when she attempts to explain why she is still a virgin.


    -Kristin Hansel

  5. This is a clip from an interview with a 22 year old college student who is auctioning off her virginity in order to pay for graduate school expenses. She says that not only is she giving it away to the highest bidder but that she wants him to be intelligent and nice.

    Clip Titled: Hot Chick Auctions Off Her Virginity


  6. The title of the article is "The Real 40-Year-Old Virgin". The author is Charreah Jackson and the article was found on essence.com.
    This article is about a woman who is still a virgin at 40 years old. She is religious and has been waiting to meet a guy who she is in love with, whom she trusts and who loves her back. Although she has lived with three of her boyfriends, she remains a virgin and is still looking for the love of her life.


    - Rebecca Billington

  7. College Virgins: How Men and Women Perceive Their Sexual Status
    By: Susan Sprecher and Pamela C. Regan

    J-Stor Link: http://www.jstor.org.proxy.library.ucsb.edu:2048/stable/3813491?seq=10

    This article focuses on a study done of a large group of midwestern college students who still identified as virgins. The study focuses on a number of factors including the reasons participants were still virgins, the affective reaction to virginity, and how that reaction changes over time. For the majority of participants in the study, the reasons they remained virgins were fairly consistent. Its not that these people lacked sexual desire, instead they were waiting for the "right person" and also influenced by their morals and religious beliefs. A majority of the women polled were very secure with the fact that they were still virgins, however a significantly larger number of men reported being embarrassed by the fact that they were still virgins. There is also a discussion about social pressure and how men and women are pressured in different ways about having sex or remaining virgins.

    By: Valerie Paolino

  8. Title: Devoted dad key to reducing risky teen sex
    Father involvement in teenager life decreases the likelihood of sexual activity in teens. Fathers have twice the influenced compared to mothers.


  9. Title: Proud to be a virgin
    by Judith Newman

    This is an article from the New York Times


  10. This article is titled "Losing Virginity" by K. Manning. It talks about the loss of virginity by different age groups as well as correlating it with IQ's and majors in college. For instance more math/science majors are more likely to be virgins than studio art majors in college. And many reasons for young adults to stay virgins deal with religious purposes and on-going STD fears. It was an interesting article that touched on who is more likely to be a virgin and why, which I can use within my paper when I interview some undergraduate virgins at UCSB.


  11. Ana O.
    The article titled “LOVE AT FIRST SEX: LATINA GIRLS' MEANINGS OF VIRGINITY LOSS AND RELATIONSHIPS” By Garcia, Lorena examines how Latina youth view and see their first sexual experience. This article focuses on the sexual ideologies of Latina women and how their sexual identities are constructed based on their ideologies, gender, and race/ethnicity.
    This article is interesting because it is a narrow focus on Latina women. Many researches focus on women as a whole but the truth is that not all women identify with each other and besides religion and education ethnicity plays a major role in a women’s sexual life.

  12. Title: First Hand: Why I Want to Stay a Virgin Until Marriage
    Author: Matthew Brace
    Source: The Independent
    Summary: This article focuses on why a 17 year old girl, named Lorna Mallory, wants to remain a virgin until marriage. Lorna was brought up in a strict Christian household. She views sex, love, and marriage as a package and has no intention of separating them. She has plans for her future before settling down, and even says that she does not want to get married before she's 25. Lorna also explains that she is teased quite often for being a virgin and that the older she gets, the more she feels like a minority with regards to staying a virgin.
    Link: http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/first-hand-why-i-want-to-stay-a-virgin-until-marriage-1439905.html

  13. title: Adult Virginity and Other Things

    Summary: Why do adult virgins get such a raw deal? Judging a person based on their status as a virgin is reducing them to but one experience -- one which has little bearing on personality. Though sex is an important part of life, with responsibility and consequences attached, I do not believe the choice not to have sex makes one any less a normal, well-adjusted human being in our society. In my opinion, that is comparable to saying that I am a different person because I have not had the common and important life experience of purchasing and owning my own home....


  14. Title: Like a virgin
    Author: Mechael Joseph Gross
    Source: Advocate

    This article focuses on the sexual culture among gays and lesbians. The author illustrates that the increasing fluency of gay culture has helped many young men and women come out as gays and lesbians, but that that does not necessarily include sexual activity, emphasizing the separation between sexuality and sexual activity for many of these individuals.


    (the article was found using the UCSB library website's Academic Search Complete)

    -Samantha Knutson

  15. Title: The Ambiguity of "Having Sex": The Subjective Experience of Virginity Loss in the United States The Ambiguity of "Having Sex": The Subjective Experience of Virginity Loss in the United States

    Author:Laura M. Carpenter
    Source: JSTOR

    Ambiguity surrounds virginity loss as defined and interpreted by young people in the contemporary United States. Drawing on in-depth case studies of 61 women and men of various sexual orientations, ages 18 to 35, I explore the influence of that ambiguity on conduct and identity. Although uniformly agreeing that virginity loss could occur through first coitus, most respondents claimed that other kinds of genital sex could also sometimes result in virginity loss. Many argued that virginity could not be lost through rape. Respondents offered three primary interpretations of virginity--as a gift, stigma, or part of a process--which were associated with distinctive presentations of self, choices of virginity-loss partner, and contraceptive practices. Different definitions and interpretations of virginity loss gave distinctive shape to individuals' choices about the transitions from virgin to nonvirgin identity. Understandings of virginity loss were further patterned by gender and sexual orientation.

    Site: http://www.jstor.org/pss/3813703?searchUrl=%2Faction%2FdoBasicSearch%3FQuery%3Dpeoples%2Bvirginity%26gw%3Djtx%26prq%3Dwho%2Bis%2Ba%2Bvirgin%26hp%3D25%26wc%3Don

    -Gilberto Jimenez

  16. Title: Would You Pledge Your Virginity to Your Father?
    by Jennifer Baumgardner (January 1, 2007)

    Link: http://www.glamour.com/sex-love-life/2007/01/purity-balls

    The article talks about a new way of fathers encouraging their daughters to keep their virginity until marriage. “Purity balls” are a new trend where fathers and daughters go together and the daughters pledge to save themselves until marriage. Fathers give them ring to symbolize the promise that they have made. The article is interesting because it has two points of view. It is neither against "Purity balls" or for them.

    -Yareli Flores

  17. This article discusses 7 Reasons Why You Should Stay a Virgin Until Marriage

    Summary:Sex between two married people is a very beautiful aspect of marriage. God has blessed us with the ability to give and receive physical pleasure with the one we are married to. But when we give ourselves to another before marriage, sex becomes something else altogether.


  18. Website that gives a definition of what it means to be a virgin and some of the factors that keep a person in that category.

    Jules Castillo, Soc 150, Fall 2010


  19. Title: Adament Virgins, Potential Nonvirgins, and Nonvirgins
    Authors: Edward S. Herold, Marilyn Shirley Goodwin.
    Source: Journal of Sex Research

    This article discusses the variables which distinguishes adament virgins, potential nonvirgins, and nonvirgins. The introduction of the potential nonvirgin in the study this article focuses on better informs us of factors which lead to the transition from virginity to sexual activity. It was found that variables affecting virginity included "age, religiosity, career aspirations, parental acceptance of premarital intercourse [PMI], peer acceptance of PMI, peer experience with PMI, dating commitment and dating frequency." After analysis of the data it was found that peer experience with PMI, dating commitment, and religiousy were the most important predictors of virginity.

    Julia Gomez.

  20. I am interested in writing about young women who haven't deliberately avoided having sex for moral reasons or are saving themselves for marriage, but rather the right person or situation has not presented itself so they are still virgins. I saw this interview of Tina Fey on David Letterman and although she is joking I think she represents a certain group of girls who just haven't had sex not due to religious concerns or 'saving' themselves.


  21. Title: Gender and the Meaning and Experience of Virginity Loss in the Contemporary United States

    Author: Laura M. Carpenter
    Source: JSTOR

    This article discusses the case studies of 61 diverse women and men and their perception of virginity and virginity loss. She discusses how women wanted to wait until marriage to lose their virginity and males were more willing to lose it outside a relationship. With the rise of more individuals having sex in the 60s an 70's outside a committed relationship came the rise of the sexual double standard. Some studies also tied women losing virginity is linked to love and male's virginity loss linked to an experience of a right of passage and gaining manhood. She also discusses how virginity loss is a right of passage where you go from childhood/adolescence to adulthood.

    LINK: http://www.jstor.org.proxy.library.ucsb.edu:2048/stable/3081783?seq=1&Search=yes&term=Virginity&list=hide&searchUri=%2Faction%2FdoBasicSearch%3FQuery%3DVirginity%26wc%3Don%26acc%3Don&item=3&ttl=11536&returnArticleService=showFullText&resultsServiceName=null

  22. Title: "Students of Virginity
    Author: Randall Patterson
    This article from The New York Times is about a Harvard chastity club called True Love Revolution. It provides abstinent students a place to gather for support. Some criticize the club because “they perpetuate an age-old values system in which the worth of a young woman is measured by her virginity.”


    Karmin Ramirez

  23. Title: 7 Reasons Why You Should Stay a Virgin Until Marriage
    By: Angie Lewis

    Summary: The article gives 7 reasons why one should stay a virgin until marriage. The reasons are: 1) Lust and Fornication Are Sins, 2) Virginity is a Precious Gift to Bring to Your Spouse, 3) The Risk of Pregnancy, 4) Multiple Heartaches From Dating, 5) Virginity is Cool, 6) Sexual Purity is God's Plan For You, 7) Fornication is NOT Healthy. After each reason given, the author expands a little more, for example on the last one mentions that many causal sexual partners don’t even know the person they are having sex with, they don’t take the time to the person on a deeper level, “The only thing intimate about the relationship is the sex aspect of it.” (Angie Lewis). They don’t know whether the other person has a venereal disease.

    *Yesenia Garcia*

  24. Title: Reborn a Virgin: Adolescents' Retracting of Virginity Pledges and Sexual Histories.

    Author: Janet Rosenbaum

    Source: American Journal of Public Health; Jun2006, Vol. 96 Issue 6, p1098-1103, 6p

    URL: http://web.ebscohost.com/ehost/detail?vid=4&hid=105&sid=ba4000d2-8721-4d5b-bf61-eacd708c451d%40sessionmgr113&bdata=JnNpdGU9ZWhvc3QtbGl2ZQ%3d%3d#db=a9h&AN=21290371

    Summary: This article explores a study that was done to assess the usefulness of virginity pledges. It found that teens who had initiated sexual activity and had pledged were more likely to recant the pledge. Also, teens who had pledged were more likely to deny sexual activity. This was tested in interview "waves" to determine consistency of comments. The author's argument is that virginity pledge effectiveness measurements are often inaccurate, and that those who pledge are less likely to use contraception and more likely to get STDs and get pregnant.

  25. Title: The Unveiled Truth: The Virginity Myth

    Author:Shirin Sadeghi



    Summary: This article is about the culture pressures and values in which women face over keeping their virginity. It brings up the issue in which a women's virginity is held as more important than a mans virginity. It goes on to discuss how a women's virginity can be medically proven, but an easier way of determining a women's virginity is to just ask her personally. It further deliberates on what exactly being a virgin is and how there are multiple definitions to this one word that anything today can be seen as losing your virginity. The author concludes the article by presenting virginity as a social construction and a myth.

    -Deanna Avellaneda

  26. Title of the article:
    Virgins not alone at UNC (University of North Carolina)

    Author: Rachel Scall

    Source/from: dailytarheel.com

    This article is about the large percentage of these collage students being a virgin. These students choose to stay a virgin for varieties of reasons. Some idealize the idea with being linked to the perfect partner in marriage and some claim that they are simply waiting for the right person. These students adamantly claim that they stick to their decision and are happy with it. The article draws light into how being a virgin is indeed a trend among these young adults even in light of the popular hook-up culture.

    -nathalie m cedeno


  27. Article Title: "The Black Sheep: Virgins in College"
    By: Victoria Uwumarogie
    Summary: This article talks about college girls who are virgins and who are non virgins. It dives into what motivates these young women to restrain from sex and why the girls who aren’t virgins decided to have sex. It shows different point of views from female college students about sex and the ongoing pressures they are faced with throughout the college experience.

    Link: http://hercampus.com/love/black-sheep-virgins-college?page=show

  28. Article: Religiosity, Self-Control, and Virginity Status in College Students from the “Bible Belt”

    Authors: Alexander Vazsonyi; Dusty Jenkins

    This article talks about the effects of religion and the relation it has to self-control on young adolescents initiating sexual or oral intercourse. There was data taken in both males and females and it demonstrated that the odds of a male remaining a virgin increased as self-control increased. For females, the odds of not engaging in oral sex increased a little less than the males. The article also states that both religiosity and self control are independent in regards to sexual activity in young adolescents.


  29. Article Title: College Virgins- Tackling the Question: "To do it or not to do it"

    Author: Khara E. House

    The author of the this article was asked to participate in a survey about virginity on college campuses. When she informed the interviewer that she was a virgin, she was shocked. The author then decided to conduct her own interview, she interviewed several college students and obtained several reasons why students were still or were not virgins. Some students simply didn't care to be labeled as a virgin while others could not deal with the constant college pressure to have sex, and some held back because of their religions.


  30. Maurisabel Quevedo

    Article: Good for contracting people to that "Hollywood practicing" mean to be. It answers teenager about their curiosity, peer pressure, gripes, and reasons for waiting. Hope this comes in handy :)

    URL: http://kidshealth.org/teen/sexual_health/guys/virginity.html#

  31. Title: "Are abstinence & chastity the same?"

    Within a discussion of being a virgin, while it helps to have a definition of virgin, it also helps to have definitions for the causes of that. This article gives thought to that, the differences between Abstinence & Chastity, which are often used interchangeably.

    Link: http://www.reapteam.org/abstinence-vs-chastity

  32. Title: "Virginity and first-time sex"

    Articles from: Palo Alto Medical Foundation

    Summary: This website concentrates on all aspects of virginity. It focuses on reasons why some people may not be ready for sex, its disappointments, gender pressures, and getting prepared for the first sexual encounter. Throughout all of these topics, the articles focus on medical reasons why some people wait, or should wait to have sex for the first time.

  33. Title: "Virginity and first-time sex"

    Articles from: Palo Alto Medical Foundation

    Summary: This website concentrates on all aspects of virginity. It focuses on reasons why some people may not be ready for sex, its disappointments, gender pressures, and getting prepared for the first sexual encounter. Throughout all of these topics, the articles focus on medical reasons why some people wait, or should wait to have sex for the first time. It mentions that contrary to everyone's beliefs, the number of sexually active teens has gone down; as well as, giving options on what you can do with your partner, other than sex, if you do not feel ready for intercourse.


  34. Title: Teens and Virginity
    Author: Jonathan L. Gelfand, MD
    Source: http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/teens-virginity
    This article written by Jonathan L. Gelfand describes the term virginity in a variety of different ways. It assesses what virginity actually means in its simplest form as well as goes into depth of what it means to “go all the way”. It discusses virginity in relation to morals, religion as well as parents and the emotions that come along with these particular subjects. Although this article does not condemn sexual relations, it does however bring up topics such as pregnancy, STDS, expectations and the social relationships that could be potentially broken after a sexual relationship with that individual.

  35. This article suggests that an analysis of the sexual scripts used in
    virginity-loss narratives provides insight into both the messages about virginity provided to
    teenagers as well as the social construction of the multiple meanings of virginity.

  36. Title: First time having sex:Losing my Virginity
    Author: Wesley James
    Source: http://www.helium.com/items/408744-first-time-sex-losing-virginity

    This article is written by a man who lost his virginity at age 25. He was trying to wait until marriage and for someone special but eventually it became to much of a struggle to wait and he lost it to a women, who he was not in relationship with. He them explains that this experience was an incredible let down. He tried having sex with another partner, but this too was not a pleasant experience. It wasn't until he met "the love of his life" that he realized that losing your virginity wasn't just about the act of sex but experiencing it with someone whom you truly love.

    -Michelle Gross

  37. http://www.allaboutworldview.org/sex-before-marriage-faq.htm

    This talks about some popular reasons why to maintain purity because of STD's and Bible verses.

    It describes the lifestyle of living with AIDS and also uses examples from the bible where Purity is described.

  38. http://www.bookofodds.com/Relationships-Society/Sex/Articles/A0654-Losing-Virginity

    It provides lots of statistics in terms of losing virginity, when, age, etc.

  39. article is called Rethinking Virginity
    Virginity, A Historical and Cultural Primer
    by: Dr R. Marie Griffith, Dr. Kathleen Kelly, and Christian Garland

    The article explains virginity as what once was a rite of passage and leads into the era of the sexual revolution, to the hookup culture, explaining the significance of what it is meant to be a virgin and what it is meant to be a "slut" It also touches on factors of homosexuality as well as positive sex education

    -Chelsea Holmes

  40. Title:Why do people think being a virgin at 20 is a problem?
    This article is discussing why people thing being a virgin at 20 is a problem. It states some accurate words that many people by the time they are 15, 16 think its bad to be a virgin. Some people said that they were that age and are proud. One person really gets into the discussion by explaining that back in the day it wasnt even allowed to loose your virginity before marriage. It was interesting to read about this and see so many different people perspectives about this topic.

  41. Title: Sexual Restraints:A Comparison of Perceived and Self Reported Reasons for College Students*

    This article talks about the perceptions men and women have on the reason why they refrain from sex. In a survey study they compare the reasons they give for themselves, for other people of the same sex and the opposite sex. The biggest discrepancy turned out to be that people refrain from sex because of the fear of getting pregnant. Most people believed that was the biggest reason for others to refrain from sex, than for themselves.

    Sexual Restraints: A Comparison of Perceived and Self-Reported Reasons for College Students
    Richard H. Driscoll, Keith E. Davis
    The Journal of Sex Research
    Vol. 7, No. 4 (Nov., 1971), pp. 253-262
    Published by: Taylor & Francis, Ltd.
    Stable URL: http://www.jstor.org/stable/3812030

  42. http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2005-10-19-teens-technical-virginity_x.htm

    This article talks about the debate about oral sex being considered as losing your virginity or not.

  43. http://canadiandimension.com/articles/3167/
    Title: Virginity Testing: Zimbabwe's Response to AIDS

    The article talks about Zimbabwe's stand in their attempts to lower the rates of HIV/AIDS by doing virginity tests.

  44. Title:Transition from virginity to nonvirginity among youth: A social-psychological study over time
    Author:Shirley L. Jessor and Richard Jessor
    Summary: This article focuses on the transition people undergo when the go from being a virgin to losing there virginity. I believe this is relatively important to this topic because during the time of losing your virginity many other things are questioned regarding your religion, your identity etc. All of these things undergo a process of change and reshaping that many people can find frightening or intimidating.


  45. Title:Religiosity, Self-Control, and Virginity Status in College Students from the “Bible Belt”: A Research Note.
    Author Vazsonyi, Alexander

    Summary: This article looks at how college students living in the "Bible Belt"are influenced my religion. According to Vazsonyi the key function of religion is to promote self-control based on a moral agenda. Individuals internalize religious teachings that emphasize chastity and purity. Vazsonyi and Jenkins found that self-control, implemented by religion, positive effects virginity status and the likelihood of delaying sexual activity.